40 Days of Gratitude

Since my last blog many exciting things have happened. There is so much to be grateful for that I struggle to know where to start. I guess starting in the NOW is best. Claire and I are hosting another #40GratefulDays. Each day we are taking photos and posting them to Instagram. It is fun and cool to see everyone's posts from around the country. However, learning this new media has made it harder to post than a quickie FB shot or writing in my journal. Remember this later.

Next, for Lent I added in situps and push ups. 1 sit up for each word of the Hail Mary. I am doing it with Chloe so she learns the new prayer. PLUS, 10 push ups for peace for someone in our life. Last night, Chloe and I did 11 push ups for Daddy's peace. Then she wants 6 for her peace. Then she asked Daddy to join for Mommy's peace. They did 6 and then 10 more. WOW. This might be the BEST Lent ever. The whole family praying for Peace for someone daily. However, it is really hard. I am sore. Remember this too.

Next, I have this really unique call once every 2 weeks. 3 strong and different women unite to encourage, complain if need be, ask for support and action things, dreams, goals and more. It is as AWESOME as I remember the Louise Hay Heal Your Life Classes. It is as AWESOME as the ACTS retreats and other retreats I have gone on. However, it is hard. I am being really focused on me for a change. I am reading and making time to read my stuff. I am being held accountable and being there FULLY for these women as best I can.

Lastly, our biz has been recharging. We are figuring out a few things behind the scenes. Hence the lack of blogs. The break has allowed more family time, a fuller trust in God's will and space in my schedule to sell our house and buy a new one. It has been a real blessing in disguise. However, this time around we saw it coming. We saw the blessing in its weak disguise and recognized it quickly without much angst. We are learning to listen to God more. It is hard to WAIT. But, Dr. Seuss says, "No, that's not for you. Somehow you'll escape all that waiting and staying...Oh, the places you'll go!"

See a pattern? Do you see some kind of pattern in your life? Good or bad, it makes no matter. There is a thread. There is a plan of some sort. Sometimes things that are GREAT and good push us to new places and heights. Muscles get sore. New lessons get learned (with a little headache). A door closes so a double french door can open! I see and feel great things happening already. This 40 Day challenge and Lenten season happened in the exact right timing for other things I needed. To top it all off, it is SPRING. New growth, new birth and a NEW me. What is in store for you this next 30 days???

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You know, this is really awesome. You're awesome.

You know, this is really awesome. You're awesome.