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Grateful Chics

6th Anniversary Open House Party

Our new retreat space, showroom & workshop is now open. Come see the space, celebrate with Claire and Joy, win door prizes, and make your own treasure. Bring a friend as all are welcome. We enjoy time with our customers to share stories of how gratitude has touched your life. Join us for a little while or stay the whole time and help us make different pieces for Fall. Plus we can repair any of your Grateful Chics gratitude prayer bead strands that might have chipped or broken over the past 6 years. We have a restringing guarantee for FREE. 

Living in the moment

Living in the moment is the only place to be. This blog is revealing some personal things today so that you can think about how in your life you could slow down a little too. Enjoy.

The last month and the next month have a LOT of un-usual responsibilities for me and Chloe. These are things that you might liken to a Christmas season. We had a nice pace going in Jan-March, but now it seems hurried. Does life sneak up on you like that sometimes?

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Live, Rinse, Repeat

Sometimes learning more about myself is scary. Wait, make that, "When I learn more about myself it is scary!" Geez, why did I pick Lent to be introspective? It would be nice to hear that I am not alone in this inward inspection shock. Maybe give me a hug next time you see me or something. Anyhow, I spent this week looking over some of my habits. It started with some innocent personality test a friend asked me to take. It was pretty accurate. Positives were things I do see in myself. I was happy to hear that I am a natural leader, fun to be around and a giver.

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Spiritual Renewal Sacrifices

Sacrfice can bring new peace and satisfaction. When I was younger and all the way through my 20's my mother said I was never satisfied. I saw it as my personality. Never accepting less than what I deserved or wanted within reason seemed normal to me. I was (and am still) very driven. I am creative. I am resourceful. So, I thought of my restlessness, as mom saw it, as a gift. In fact I sometimes was rather put out at her seeming lack of drive or taking the dregs as we called them.

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Spiritual Renewal through Gratitude Day 8

Warning: I am being really vulnerable today in hopes that my experiences help you...

We all get this concept when we get a rash, dry skin or a tummy ache. Hurt or irritation = something is wrong. So why is it that when I feel a mental irritation, I almost always automatically think there is something wrong with the other person or thing with whom I am irritated with at that moment? Think about this idea for a minute and if it applies to your life.

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Spiritual Renewal through Gratitude 1

So the next 39 days, I will be thinking about how to live a better life. I invite you to be conscious and share in this journey with me.

Each day, I am slowing down and taking time to see how I can be more at peace, more happy and more of service. I am doing what seems to be a new buzzword, "Radical Self Care". Today I am exploring ANGER. When I start to feel angry, I am stopping (usually) and asking what is behind the anger. I know this emotion is healthy, but what scares me most if how I deal or express it sometimes when very stressed.

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Practice makes Easier

Practice makes perfect is that old saying that really sets us up for failure. What practice does is make the new habit easier, quicker, more efficient and if we are lucky, it becomes a part of us like breathing. I was reading in Brene Brown's book. the Gifts of Imperfection, her take on Gratitude. She says that her research shows that Joyful people are ones who practice gratitude. These folks don't just have an attitude of Gratitude. These people practice Gratitude every day.

Soak in this thought for a few minutes please before reading on...

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Checking In

It may have seemed like I've checked out of the blogosphere, but I have been "checked in" to lots of other activities and two of them involve the current season of Lent.

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40 Days of Gratitude

Since my last blog many exciting things have happened. There is so much to be grateful for that I struggle to know where to start. I guess starting in the NOW is best. Claire and I are hosting another #40GratefulDays. Each day we are taking photos and posting them to Instagram. It is fun and cool to see everyone's posts from around the country. However, learning this new media has made it harder to post than a quickie FB shot or writing in my journal. Remember this later.

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Building HIS Kingdom, not my own

I saw this funny post about Christmas Gifts on Facebook. It was saying how he was tired of every company just basically saying, "Buy my stuff, buy my stuff!" I giggled, because we are a business and DO need to sell our stuff, sell our stuff. However, I reflected deeper to how we sell at Grateful Chics and why we sell our Grateful Prayer Beads. Our mission is to spread peace, love and joy through the practice of Gratitude. We are giving glory to God by saying THANKS every day. Many who may not even believe in the same God I believe in also buy our beads to give THANKS to their God!

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