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Living in the moment

Living in the moment is the only place to be. This blog is revealing some personal things today so that you can think about how in your life you could slow down a little too. Enjoy.

The last month and the next month have a LOT of un-usual responsibilities for me and Chloe. These are things that you might liken to a Christmas season. We had a nice pace going in Jan-March, but now it seems hurried. Does life sneak up on you like that sometimes?

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Practice makes Easier

Practice makes perfect is that old saying that really sets us up for failure. What practice does is make the new habit easier, quicker, more efficient and if we are lucky, it becomes a part of us like breathing. I was reading in Brene Brown's book. the Gifts of Imperfection, her take on Gratitude. She says that her research shows that Joyful people are ones who practice gratitude. These folks don't just have an attitude of Gratitude. These people practice Gratitude every day.

Soak in this thought for a few minutes please before reading on...

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Checking In

It may have seemed like I've checked out of the blogosphere, but I have been "checked in" to lots of other activities and two of them involve the current season of Lent.

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Are you a Rudolph?

I am truly grateful this Christmas to know who I am and what my life on earth is all about. Do you know your mission yet? Sure, there is a basic mission for all of us - TO LOVE. Each of us has been given a special talent, a Spirtual Gift or light to be able to express and spread love in our own special way. Rudolph was ashamed by his talent. He was ridiculed for being different. He did not recognize his light until it was needed. Actually, this happens to a lot of us.

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I just heard this word yesterday.  ThanksLIVING.  Then that proverbial lightbulb appeared over my head.  "That's the title for my Thanksgiving blog!" I thought.  So, here it goes.

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The JOY is in the NOW

Living in the NOW is the only way. Being happy and grateful is my choice today, this second. This is the way I have been living for about seven years. It took me a while to realize that I am a woman of Faith and that if I trust, all will be and is well in my world. Let's go down memory lane for a minute to reveal some of how I used to think...

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Sneak a Peek

This October, we're set to launch the next journal in our series, one for Christians.  We're extremely excited about this journal because it answers the requests of the men and teens who accompany their Moms, wives, and lady friends to our vendor shows.

It is our hope that our series of journals will inspire you to write your own life story.  Fill the pages with your blessings and you'll be able to look back at all the good in your life.  Our prayer is that more than anything, the Word of God will be the starting point for your grateful outpourings.

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Back to School Rules!

Tiny Details

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp.  I love this book and I'm reading it slowly because I love digesting it bit by bit (and because I read books at bedtime which is why I read them slowly).  But in all seriousness, I need time to process the deep lessons she's imparting through her own experience encountering gratitude.

She says that when she sees blessings, gifts, gratitude, in all the small things, the every day moments, that time slows down.  

Imagine that.

Can I do that?

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Get rid of your labelmaker

As a part of Grateful Chics Team Building, we watched Brene Brown on DVR'd Oprah this week. She mention that NO ONE she ever interviewed in over a decade of research was genuinely happy without the active cultivation of Gratitude. Awesome. However, she gave me some other Aha moments. One of them is about the difference between Shame and Guilt and how labeling can change the way we feel about these.

Shame = I am bad.     Guilt = I did something bad.

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