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Gratitude Journal

Spiritual Renewal through Gratitude Day 8

Warning: I am being really vulnerable today in hopes that my experiences help you...

We all get this concept when we get a rash, dry skin or a tummy ache. Hurt or irritation = something is wrong. So why is it that when I feel a mental irritation, I almost always automatically think there is something wrong with the other person or thing with whom I am irritated with at that moment? Think about this idea for a minute and if it applies to your life.

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Spiritual Renewal through Gratitude 1

So the next 39 days, I will be thinking about how to live a better life. I invite you to be conscious and share in this journey with me.

Each day, I am slowing down and taking time to see how I can be more at peace, more happy and more of service. I am doing what seems to be a new buzzword, "Radical Self Care". Today I am exploring ANGER. When I start to feel angry, I am stopping (usually) and asking what is behind the anger. I know this emotion is healthy, but what scares me most if how I deal or express it sometimes when very stressed.

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#40GratefulDays - A Gratitude Journal Challenge

This is an ONLINE event.

Practice makes Easier

Practice makes perfect is that old saying that really sets us up for failure. What practice does is make the new habit easier, quicker, more efficient and if we are lucky, it becomes a part of us like breathing. I was reading in Brene Brown's book. the Gifts of Imperfection, her take on Gratitude. She says that her research shows that Joyful people are ones who practice gratitude. These folks don't just have an attitude of Gratitude. These people practice Gratitude every day.

Soak in this thought for a few minutes please before reading on...

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40 Days of Gratitude

Since my last blog many exciting things have happened. There is so much to be grateful for that I struggle to know where to start. I guess starting in the NOW is best. Claire and I are hosting another #40GratefulDays. Each day we are taking photos and posting them to Instagram. It is fun and cool to see everyone's posts from around the country. However, learning this new media has made it harder to post than a quickie FB shot or writing in my journal. Remember this later.

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NEW Gratitude Journal Set for Moms

Just in time for Mother's Day the Grateful Chics have released their 2nd Live a Grateful Life Gratitude Journal Set with Grateful Bead Bookmark. The series is like no other. Each journal set has the tool for "Counting 10 Blessings a Day to Keep the Worries Away". With every page there is room for your list of 10 blessings and a thought starter just in case you need some inspiration to write.

A Challenging Challenge

Almost 40 days ago, Joy & I started the "40 Days of Gratitude Journaling" challenge on our facebook page.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to journal but have not ever been consistent with it.  I have started diaries here and there, but never filled one up. 

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Enjoy the little things...they might be the BIG ones later.

Really, the little things in life are the BIG reason we get up each day with Gratitude in our hearts. We saw some really beautiful white flowering trees this morning. Chloe wanted to get out and touch them, but we had a schedule to keep! I offered an alternative. "How about we stop and take a walk to "touch them" after work and school?" She agreed that would be great.

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Spring Show Schedule: Easter, Mother's Day, Teacher & Graduation

So many fun events and Holidays are upon us. Here in Houston we are in
Rodeo and we just made a few of these cool Boot Charms (see photo)
for a store to sell to her Country Chics! How about something special
for your audience for Easter, Baptisms, Mother's Day, Teachers and

are really excited for the Spring to be here and to get to hang out
with our customers in person.  Our mission is to spread Peace, Love and Joy
through Gratitude. We love sharing our story with others to help moms

Twitter Account launched

Yes, we are on almost ALL the social media sites now...and we LOVE it. Our Twitter is fed by our Facebook Page, our Pinterest Page and our own random thoughts. We post about 1 time a day on Facebook, but you can get fresh feeds from us all day on Twitter. We love reposting some of the BEST quotes, inspirational videos, stories and products from others we follow.

So, don't miss another day of the Chics, Joy and Claire! Follow us here:


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