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#40GratefulDays - A Gratitude Journal Challenge

This is an ONLINE event.

40 Days of Gratitude

Since my last blog many exciting things have happened. There is so much to be grateful for that I struggle to know where to start. I guess starting in the NOW is best. Claire and I are hosting another #40GratefulDays. Each day we are taking photos and posting them to Instagram. It is fun and cool to see everyone's posts from around the country. However, learning this new media has made it harder to post than a quickie FB shot or writing in my journal. Remember this later.

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Sneak a Peek

This October, we're set to launch the next journal in our series, one for Christians.  We're extremely excited about this journal because it answers the requests of the men and teens who accompany their Moms, wives, and lady friends to our vendor shows.

It is our hope that our series of journals will inspire you to write your own life story.  Fill the pages with your blessings and you'll be able to look back at all the good in your life.  Our prayer is that more than anything, the Word of God will be the starting point for your grateful outpourings.

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Habits are habits

After a wonderful time at Gramma and Grampa's house we are back in the real world. We came back relaxed and refreshed, but with a few lingering habits I am not comfortable with and hope to shed soon like my desire for dessert every night. These examples are mostly about kids, but can apply to all of us.

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Difficult decisions

Things aren't going as I expected them to this week. I don't want to complain, I really don't and while I say that, I feel like complaining is all that I'm doing. Things don't go the way I want them to and I wriggle and groan and sometimes cry. I keep reminding myself to smile. I have so much to smile about.

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Missed Opportunity or Blessing in Disguise?

It can be SO HARD to stay grateful and faithful when something does not go my way. You know those coupons that you collected and get to the check out only to see they all expired yesterday? Or the phone call that comes in, you miss and by the time you answer, the situation changes? How about a babysitter that says YES, only to remember they already committed to something else. Shall I go on, because there is more!

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LOVE first, until it hurts, repeat.

This Valentine's Day most of us think about loving our significant other or children. I know those are the 1st on my Grateful Beads that I am praying and thankful for in life. I've been thinking a lot about those I don't know though too. Maybe it is a rough financial time in the US. Maybe it is the political environment. Maybe it is the threats of North Korea, Iran and Syria. ALL this and I don't even watch the news. These threats and divisive stories are pervasive, even into my happy world. 

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Love is in the air

That's right, we now have LOTS of new products to show your love and appreciation, plus a sale on our Etsy site for Valentine's. Here's the scoop:


Gratitude Journal Grateful Givers

 Wow, we are so appreciative of everyone who gave to our Indigogo campaign to launch the Gratitude Journals!  We raised $1,075 online and about $300 so far off line.  Many want to remain anonymous so we can only send you good thoughts and thanksgiving!  Below are the contributors that we are so happy to say thank you to by name!!!

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