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Joy Stevens

Living in the moment

Living in the moment is the only place to be. This blog is revealing some personal things today so that you can think about how in your life you could slow down a little too. Enjoy.

The last month and the next month have a LOT of un-usual responsibilities for me and Chloe. These are things that you might liken to a Christmas season. We had a nice pace going in Jan-March, but now it seems hurried. Does life sneak up on you like that sometimes?

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Live, Rinse, Repeat

Sometimes learning more about myself is scary. Wait, make that, "When I learn more about myself it is scary!" Geez, why did I pick Lent to be introspective? It would be nice to hear that I am not alone in this inward inspection shock. Maybe give me a hug next time you see me or something. Anyhow, I spent this week looking over some of my habits. It started with some innocent personality test a friend asked me to take. It was pretty accurate. Positives were things I do see in myself. I was happy to hear that I am a natural leader, fun to be around and a giver.

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Spiritual Renewal Sacrifices

Sacrfice can bring new peace and satisfaction. When I was younger and all the way through my 20's my mother said I was never satisfied. I saw it as my personality. Never accepting less than what I deserved or wanted within reason seemed normal to me. I was (and am still) very driven. I am creative. I am resourceful. So, I thought of my restlessness, as mom saw it, as a gift. In fact I sometimes was rather put out at her seeming lack of drive or taking the dregs as we called them.

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Spiritual Renewal through Gratitude Day 8

Warning: I am being really vulnerable today in hopes that my experiences help you...

We all get this concept when we get a rash, dry skin or a tummy ache. Hurt or irritation = something is wrong. So why is it that when I feel a mental irritation, I almost always automatically think there is something wrong with the other person or thing with whom I am irritated with at that moment? Think about this idea for a minute and if it applies to your life.

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Spiritual Renewal through Gratitude 1

So the next 39 days, I will be thinking about how to live a better life. I invite you to be conscious and share in this journey with me.

Each day, I am slowing down and taking time to see how I can be more at peace, more happy and more of service. I am doing what seems to be a new buzzword, "Radical Self Care". Today I am exploring ANGER. When I start to feel angry, I am stopping (usually) and asking what is behind the anger. I know this emotion is healthy, but what scares me most if how I deal or express it sometimes when very stressed.

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No one forces you...it is a choice.

"She forced me." "You give me no other option." "Don't make me do that." "I had no choice." Sound familiar? Is it your voice you hear when reading it. Ouch, that stings. This past few weeks as the schedule gets busy and my priorities shifted, I felt trapped a few times. I knew that feeling of helplessness. It felt icky.

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Missed Opportunity or Blessing in Disguise?

It can be SO HARD to stay grateful and faithful when something does not go my way. You know those coupons that you collected and get to the check out only to see they all expired yesterday? Or the phone call that comes in, you miss and by the time you answer, the situation changes? How about a babysitter that says YES, only to remember they already committed to something else. Shall I go on, because there is more!

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40 Day Gratitude Journal Challenge

Grateful Chics encourages you to "Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life" and focus on the good by recording in your journal the things you're thankful for every day for forty days. Join us and challenge yourself to develop a new habit to promote positive thinking and positive change.

No matter what faith practice or religion there is evidence to spiritual growth through fasting.

Twitter Account launched

Yes, we are on almost ALL the social media sites now...and we LOVE it. Our Twitter is fed by our Facebook Page, our Pinterest Page and our own random thoughts. We post about 1 time a day on Facebook, but you can get fresh feeds from us all day on Twitter. We love reposting some of the BEST quotes, inspirational videos, stories and products from others we follow.

So, don't miss another day of the Chics, Joy and Claire! Follow us here:


LOVE first, until it hurts, repeat.

This Valentine's Day most of us think about loving our significant other or children. I know those are the 1st on my Grateful Beads that I am praying and thankful for in life. I've been thinking a lot about those I don't know though too. Maybe it is a rough financial time in the US. Maybe it is the political environment. Maybe it is the threats of North Korea, Iran and Syria. ALL this and I don't even watch the news. These threats and divisive stories are pervasive, even into my happy world. 

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