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Live, Rinse, Repeat

Sometimes learning more about myself is scary. Wait, make that, "When I learn more about myself it is scary!" Geez, why did I pick Lent to be introspective? It would be nice to hear that I am not alone in this inward inspection shock. Maybe give me a hug next time you see me or something. Anyhow, I spent this week looking over some of my habits. It started with some innocent personality test a friend asked me to take. It was pretty accurate. Positives were things I do see in myself. I was happy to hear that I am a natural leader, fun to be around and a giver.

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In The Moment

I turned 38 last week.

Almost all of this past year while I've been 37, when people ask my age, I have told them "I'll be 38."  All year!  

So now, here 38 is and I'm tempted to just tell people that "I was 37 last year." 

But seriously, turning 38, when I was telling people for almost a whole year that I was going to be 38, I've realized something big.

Live In The Moment.

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Memorial Every Day

One week from now our country will remember our noble servicemen and women with Memorial Day.

I imagine I had the entire day to reflect in silence and meditation on all those who have served our country and created the precious freedoms I am grateful for every day. I do my best to remember those who risk and volunteer their lives every day.

My Memorial Day Gratitude List:

1. For those local servicemen and women who protect our communities, first responders, I am grateful.

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