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Live a Grateful Life

New Gratitude T-Shirts

Grateful Chics Inspirational Gifts has another way to Live a Grateful
Life - fun, new $20 T-shirts for women. All our products help you
remember the good in life by focusing on our blessings. So, when someone
cuts you off in traffic, BE GRATEFUL they did not hit you! That's
right! When life gets you down, turn it around.

We have prayer
beads, prayer jewelry, Gratitude Journals and now Live a Grateful Life
and I'm a Grateful Chic T-shirts in Gray/Purple and Teal/Red designs

A Challenging Challenge

Almost 40 days ago, Joy & I started the "40 Days of Gratitude Journaling" challenge on our facebook page.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to journal but have not ever been consistent with it.  I have started diaries here and there, but never filled one up. 

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8 Ways to Live a Grateful Life

I recently guest blogged for a wonderful company called Assistance Magnifique about Significance versus Success and 8 Ways to Live a Grateful Life.  Please read here:



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Count your blessings 2

Video blog about what I am grateful for on this day...Count 10 things a day to keep the worries away.

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Sharing the Gratitude, by Claire - the NEWEST Grateful Chic

We all have tough times, and I promise you, not every one of my blogs is going to be about getting over the bad and finding the good, but let’s face it...some of us struggle with that!  Maybe these blogs help you focus on the good in your day and that’s why you’re here!  Thanks for reading! 

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Let's face it sometimes saying a quick little prayer on a Grateful Bead™ won't always snap you out of a "bad" mood. We understand that in certain situations you may need more to pull you back into the positive.

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Live a Grateful Life Bead Making Party

This event is PRIVATE, and you can have your own!

Always wanted a custom Grateful Bead Strand for
yourself or that special someone?  Now here is your chance.  We are
offering "at home" parties and "at location" retail store workshops or
trunk shows with bead making opportunities.  Not interested in hosting? 
How about $25 for referring someone who does?

Here are the highlights:

Gifts in the "bad things"

Sometimes life throws us things we might consider bad.  In these times, being grateful and staying present help us to Live a Grateful Life.  How?

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Making a Difference

I really LOVE when I see other people living their life's mission of helping others.  It also brings me a lot of good feeling when I stumble upon others that are like minded and on the same path that I am on.  Sure, the volunteering, inspiring and gratitude I hope to spread around this planet feels good.  And yes, this alone is enough.  However, it is nice in some validating way to see my own mission matching what others do.  It reminds me I am not alone.  It shows that there are LOTS of good people doing good for others.  It is proof that in what seems to

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