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live in the moment

Living in the moment

Living in the moment is the only place to be. This blog is revealing some personal things today so that you can think about how in your life you could slow down a little too. Enjoy.

The last month and the next month have a LOT of un-usual responsibilities for me and Chloe. These are things that you might liken to a Christmas season. We had a nice pace going in Jan-March, but now it seems hurried. Does life sneak up on you like that sometimes?

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The JOY is in the NOW

Living in the NOW is the only way. Being happy and grateful is my choice today, this second. This is the way I have been living for about seven years. It took me a while to realize that I am a woman of Faith and that if I trust, all will be and is well in my world. Let's go down memory lane for a minute to reveal some of how I used to think...

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In The Moment

I turned 38 last week.

Almost all of this past year while I've been 37, when people ask my age, I have told them "I'll be 38."  All year!  

So now, here 38 is and I'm tempted to just tell people that "I was 37 last year." 

But seriously, turning 38, when I was telling people for almost a whole year that I was going to be 38, I've realized something big.

Live In The Moment.

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