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Living in the moment

Living in the moment is the only place to be. This blog is revealing some personal things today so that you can think about how in your life you could slow down a little too. Enjoy.

The last month and the next month have a LOT of un-usual responsibilities for me and Chloe. These are things that you might liken to a Christmas season. We had a nice pace going in Jan-March, but now it seems hurried. Does life sneak up on you like that sometimes?

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Memorial Every Day

One week from now our country will remember our noble servicemen and women with Memorial Day.

I imagine I had the entire day to reflect in silence and meditation on all those who have served our country and created the precious freedoms I am grateful for every day. I do my best to remember those who risk and volunteer their lives every day.

My Memorial Day Gratitude List:

1. For those local servicemen and women who protect our communities, first responders, I am grateful.

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Just So You Know

One time someone told me that I talk about God "all the time" and asked me if I could have a conversation without mentioning God.

This stopped me in my tracks. Could I have a conversation without mentioning God? Had I only ever spoken to this particular person and talked about God "all the time"?

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Difficult decisions

Things aren't going as I expected them to this week. I don't want to complain, I really don't and while I say that, I feel like complaining is all that I'm doing. Things don't go the way I want them to and I wriggle and groan and sometimes cry. I keep reminding myself to smile. I have so much to smile about.

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Organize it!

Since I am grateful for things every day, this practice prompts me to make small changes for the better throughout the year.  But even the Grateful Chics need a kick in the bootie sometimes to get back into gear.  The New Year provides that for me.  Claire has also mentioned some really good activity since the new year in her home.  It has become somewhat of a tradition now for me to start cleaning, purging, organizing and really getting the to do lists written for what goals I have for the year.

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Thanksgiving...it's not just about the turkey

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is next week! If you're not ready, don't feel funny about it, I don't even know what we're going to eat tomorrow night, let alone next Thursday! But worry not, we will eat something tomorrow night (and it'll be good!). Next Thursday's meal will no doubt figure itself out too and it won't just be about the turkey either. It'll be about stuffing, honey-glazed carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, AND turkey. *wink wink*

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Grateful for Money to Pay the Bills

I say that we need to be grateful for all the things in our life - even bills!  I hear people complaining about their credit card debt.  However, your good credit is what allowed you this loan, right?  If you had not used a card to pay bills in this economy, maybe you would have lost your house or car.  Stop beating up on yourself for past mistakes.  Start looking at the bright side and making better decisions now!

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Things people say

Since our Grateful Beads are at lots of Holiday Shopping Shows (see our calendar), we have a unique opportunity to be in touch with hundreds if not thousands of people each season.  We literally speak with people non-stop all day long.  It is a reminder of how beautiful people are and how different we are from each other.  There are happy people, hurried people, confused people and occasionally a few mad or panicked people.

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Canton, TX First Monday Trade Days

YES, we got an inside space at one of the biggest shopping events of the season!  Lisa Piper from http://www.shopnaturalliving.com/ will be sharing our booth.  She will feature organic cotton clothing and other natural home and health products.

Pavilion 3, booth 13B

Friday and Saturday 9AM-dark (5-6PM)

Sunday 9AM-3PM

Please tell all your friends and come join us!

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