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Are you a Rudolph?

I am truly grateful this Christmas to know who I am and what my life on earth is all about. Do you know your mission yet? Sure, there is a basic mission for all of us - TO LOVE. Each of us has been given a special talent, a Spirtual Gift or light to be able to express and spread love in our own special way. Rudolph was ashamed by his talent. He was ridiculed for being different. He did not recognize his light until it was needed. Actually, this happens to a lot of us.

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I just heard this word yesterday.  ThanksLIVING.  Then that proverbial lightbulb appeared over my head.  "That's the title for my Thanksgiving blog!" I thought.  So, here it goes.

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New Gratitude T-Shirts

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A Challenging Challenge

Almost 40 days ago, Joy & I started the "40 Days of Gratitude Journaling" challenge on our facebook page.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to journal but have not ever been consistent with it.  I have started diaries here and there, but never filled one up. 

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It is CHRISTMAS time!!!

Well, since just before Halloween, I've been seeing Christmas decorations and the like in stores and now here we are less than two weeks away from the big day!

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Thanksgiving...it's not just about the turkey

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is next week! If you're not ready, don't feel funny about it, I don't even know what we're going to eat tomorrow night, let alone next Thursday! But worry not, we will eat something tomorrow night (and it'll be good!). Next Thursday's meal will no doubt figure itself out too and it won't just be about the turkey either. It'll be about stuffing, honey-glazed carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, AND turkey. *wink wink*

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