Checking In

It may have seemed like I've checked out of the blogosphere, but I have been "checked in" to lots of other activities and two of them involve the current season of Lent.

My family is Catholic and so we observe the season of Lent and do our best to start new good habits by giving up habits that aren't healthy or helpful.  As a family we're giving up "toilet talk."  This involves all things "potty" related including body parts and bodily functions.  The kids have gotten in a terrible habit of cracking themselves up with potty words and my husband and I have been worn down to nubs about it after a decade of poopoo peepee talk.  I'm loathe to admit that we engage in the potty talk too.  So as a family, we quit for Lent.  We've slipped up a bit too, but correct ourselves, and move forward.  I'm desperately hoping that this new habit is one that will continue beyond Easter Sunday.  (Hey, Brene Brown, here I am being vulnerable!!)

There's another Lenten habit that I'm participating and I stumbled on to it thanks to a friend's post on Facebook.  The deal is that you pack up things you're not using (clutter, clothes that don't fit, you get the point) and donate them each day.  The event is hashtagged on social media as #40bagsin40days and I'm loving it.  I've got a tad bit of catching up to do since today is 14 days into Lent and I'm at roughly 12 bags.  I'm dreaming about how much more clutter-free my house will be by Easter.  It already feels good...and I'm not limiting myself to 40 bags!  I do really like having a goal and a mission to purge my stuff.

I firmly believe that when I let go of old things that I make room for new and better things to come in.  Plus we have so much stuff that we're not using!

One more Lenten project that we (Grateful Chics) are doing, that I'm actively participating in, is #40gratefuldays on Instagram.  This is simply as many photos of your gratitude that you care to share, captured, hashtagged, and shared via Instagram (and onto other social media if you so desire...Instagram's got those sharing capabilities).  It's been really cool coming up with new things to capture each day and sharing them.  It's perhaps even more cool to see what others are sharing with this hashtag we've come up with.  We're giving away little prizes each week to the person with the most posts using our hashtag #40gratefuldays.  I'm having fun with it because it's a lot like photojournalism and it'll be there for me to look back on when Lent is over.

So, those are just three of the things I've "checked in" to over the past few weeks.  I hope you'll join Joy and me and share your gratitude on Instagram (be sure to follow us there too so you can tag us in your posts @gratefulchics), it's worth it.

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(and with my 5 year old peeking over my shoulder I am commanded to type and keep the following:  Jude, Caleb, Madeline, P.J., Lego,'re welcome!)




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