Disappointment=Destiny OR Where have the Chics been all Summer?

So, very early Spring this year, plus a few months before that, we were working and securing a BIG deal for Grateful Chics to go Nationwide in Retail Stores. We had a contract we were about to sign. The partner was pressing us to get going, revamp our labels, displays and other things that were quite costly. We were excited, hopeful, scared and hurried. We felt the wave of Shark Tank rolling in. We thought we had hit it big. Then, it busted.

Yes, out of nowhere, the deal was off. The partner was restructuring. The sales people were now bowing out due to schedules, product conflicts, needing new teams, etc. Everyone swore it was not us. And, now we see months later, it is not us. Our products, messages and team are awesome. So, what can some cool Chics do with this devastating blow?

We had to cut back on the help we had hired. We cried. We asked ourselves and God what we should do next. Space and time opened up.

Sound familiar to you? Where have you taken a loss? Work, with a relationship or cleaning up a room?

We floundered. We put on a happy face and plugged away business as usual. I thought, we will just try harder. Wrong.

I tried again and again. Nothing was popping. So, I gave it up to the Lord. Claire and I basically took off about 3 months with the exception of fulfilling our online and current customer orders. We attended a few Spring Shows too. Business was steady and the time off felt healing. We made a choice to continue our amazing mission to spread Gratitude. We both took the gift of time to take care of much needed family matters and personal improvements.

Craig and I sold our home and moved where we are so happy. Happier than we have ever been is what I like to say. It is very strange because I would have NEVER had the time to make this positive change for us if we were working 80 hour weeks. I also was able to devote my time and attention to my father in law who had a heart attack and moved into our home. Yes, the exact time we were selling and had to keep everything super clean and tidy! Again, I would not have been able to monitor diet, take him to all the Dr's appointments, help him transition and sell his home if I was doing this BIG National deal. The plan unfolded clear as a sunny day.

Gratitude is an understatement. Our Summer we were able to visit family and be together in a less stressful way. My father in law is so much better and happy in his apartment in the back of our proerty we purchased together. Personally our finances are so good! We joined the mortgage free club. We found the perfect school for our daughter. We are rested and ready to serve our customers this Fall Gift Giving Season. Everything is working out. The disappointment is a distant memory.

So, we are back, ready and excited to be here. I plan on working as a Grateful Chics for many years to come. We might stay a cottage business and that is OK. We are open to whatever the best plan for us is in busienss and personally. Thank you!!!

A special thanks to my hubby (Craig "Chip" Stevens), Sandra Filer, my mom and dad (Amy and Lee Helmke), Claire Stuckey and her whole family, Dawn Stevens, Melissa Schneider, my sister (Lauren Stobbe) and countless other friends, Dr's and realtors who helped us in one of the hardest years I have ever faced personally and professionally. I feel blessed to have had your love and support.

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