Who am I? What do I do? What is my role? This is usually what you read about in an "About Us" column. In the end, you only know those things, not truly "about me". So, here is the best that I can do in a short space to really tell you about me, a Spiritual Being and my human experience.

I am grateful, joyful and happy. I am a seeker, a driver and a catalyst for change. I am a giver, a relationship builder and a conduit for more love in the world. How? Through Grateful Chics Inspirational Gifts and how I treat people and my trust in God that I will make good choices to serve His children.

I am a wife, doggie mama of three and a new Mama for Chloe Rose. As for a career path, mine is circuitous. I started out working my way through college at UH Downtown at an O & G company. Then I decided sales and marketing were more my speed. I pursued ad sales at the Houston Chronicle, CBS affiliate KHOU-TV, Channel 11, local magazines and web. Then, I was wooed by a business improvement company, BI. After 18 months the economy set me FREE. I took it as a gift from above to be able to follow this new dream.

Could I really inspire people, through other ways besides blogging and volunteer work? Could I really bring more Peace, Love and Joy into others lives through my work life? YES! I can and now I do. My cup overflows with Gratitude!

~Joy, a Grateful Chic