Just do it

It has been a while. Thoughts are piling up. Fear sets in as I wonder what expectations people have. Then I laugh at myself and my ego realizing that probably no one will have even noticed that the blog has been stale and all but dried UP since September of last year. Eeeek!

I do a thought blog to you all very often. I have such good intentions of writing and getting back into this practice that I really love. Blogging has been a hobby of mine for almost a decade now. Wow! So here goes a new one.

I am really freaking happy right now. I also think about our customers and wonder if the practice of gratitude is helping their - YOUR - lives. My desire is to hear more from you. Post a random article, comment or anictote for us on our Facebook page. Post a pic to Instagram and tag us. All our buttons to connect are at top of this page or under Contact Us.

How did I get so happy? How have you gotten to happy? I bet it is the same method. Live intentionally. Make conscious choices daily, or even hourly that lead you to your goal, dream, joyful place or whatever you call it.

It is not clear to me why words are so powerful. For years I have been retraining my brain to think about what I want, not what I don't want. Complaining has become a waste of valuable creative or rest time for me. Also, I intentionally took the following words or phrases out of my vocabulary:

  • should
  • can't
  • fat
  • I am exhausted
  • I am SOOOOO busy

I replaced them with these:

  • "I choose to or if I really want to I could."
  • "I am not finished learning." OR "I am trying to learn to_____."
  • fluffy or healthy. When I feel myself about to comment on my weight, I say what I want, like, "I am working more exercise into my life." "I feel good and will be continue to get even healthier."
  • "I will go rest now." OR "I choose not to commit right now to create down time for myself."
  • "I would love to meet, let's see what date works for us in the future." OR "This next few weeks I am committed, let's look further out." OR "I have been busy in a good way!"

I talk about myself with love and care. I am careful about with whom I share time and space with now. We eat better. Daily I spend quiet time alone, with Craig and with Chloe. It may only be 1 minute. When I want something, I imagine it and know it will come in the next few days or weeks. Sometimes it is the next hour or day!

Lately, I am believing more in myself. My gratitude practice gently forces me to find the good in myself, those around me and in the situations I am in each day. When I start to feel bad about something, I ask myself if this is the way I need to go at this exact time.

Live with purpose. Live on purpose.

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