Live, Rinse, Repeat

Sometimes learning more about myself is scary. Wait, make that, "When I learn more about myself it is scary!" Geez, why did I pick Lent to be introspective? It would be nice to hear that I am not alone in this inward inspection shock. Maybe give me a hug next time you see me or something. Anyhow, I spent this week looking over some of my habits. It started with some innocent personality test a friend asked me to take. It was pretty accurate. Positives were things I do see in myself. I was happy to hear that I am a natural leader, fun to be around and a giver. The negatives were things I actually am aware of, but work to overcome and lessen.

Sometimes I can be bossy, angry, and procrastinate. Yes, yes and yes. I go 100 miles an hour and then burnout causing the 3 things aforementioned. So I try to slow down. If you know me pretty well, this is nothing new. It seems to be a real part of me and possibly unchangeable (up to now). Have you noticed a pattern in your life? Patterns with loved ones, friends, habits, parenting, finances can all be something we continue even when thinking we are doing better. This is so fascinating to me. And scary.So what can we do about it?

Being bossy is not nice. Being angry is AOK, but not if I lash out or act mean or grumpy as a result. Procrastination can be good. God sneaks in blessings while I piddle. Still, the weeds continue to grow, the Quickbooks needs to be entered and cloths does not hang itself. So I came up with the title to the blog as my own personal lesson.

I will LIVE. While I live, I will make mistakes. Hopefully since I am aware, I will continue to make less and less mistakes and smaller ones.

Then I will RINSE. I will wash away dissappointment, guilt and any shame that creeps up. I will forgive myself and others. I will accept my faults and apologize when I mess up.

Finally, I will REPEAT. I will get my butt up and try again. Each time, each day, I will live. I will be me and more of me.

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