NEW Gratitude Journal Set for Moms

Just in time for Mother's Day the Grateful Chics have released their 2nd Live a Grateful Life Gratitude Journal Set with Grateful Bead Bookmark. The series is like no other. Each journal set has the tool for "Counting 10 Blessings a Day to Keep the Worries Away". With every page there is room for your list of 10 blessings and a thought starter just in case you need some inspiration to write.

The 1st journal is for Chics. All women of any age enjoy funny quotes and a space just for them! Now Moms of all ages can write their thoughts too. Our lightweight and smaller sized journals are perfect to pop in a purse to write in while traveling, at the park or where ever a busy mom may be off to today.

Here is the really unique part! YOU choose what Grateful Bead Bookmark design you want to be included with the set. The sets are priced from $25-$35 with the fully customizable bookmark! Check out the designs here:

Preorder perks for the Mom Journal Set: FREE shipping if ordered before April 19th. Will be shipped in time for Mother's Day!

Contact for more info, photos or interviews: Joy Stevens, 713-249-3697,