New Gratitude T-Shirts

Grateful Chics Inspirational Gifts has another way to Live a Grateful
Life - fun, new $20 T-shirts for women. All our products help you
remember the good in life by focusing on our blessings. So, when someone
cuts you off in traffic, BE GRATEFUL they did not hit you! That's
right! When life gets you down, turn it around.

We have prayer
beads, prayer jewelry, Gratitude Journals and now Live a Grateful Life
and I'm a Grateful Chic T-shirts in Gray/Purple and Teal/Red designs
(see photos attached and here for buying information).
True to size, soft and stylish V-neck, these are perfect for casual days and working out. The design is drawn by one of our friends, Sandra Filer, the happy goddess.

Our mission is to spread more peace, love and joy through the practice
of Gratitude. Won't you help us get the word out? Contact anytime for

Happy Thanksgiving!


Joy Stevens
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