Practice makes Easier

Practice makes perfect is that old saying that really sets us up for failure. What practice does is make the new habit easier, quicker, more efficient and if we are lucky, it becomes a part of us like breathing. I was reading in Brene Brown's book. the Gifts of Imperfection, her take on Gratitude. She says that her research shows that Joyful people are ones who practice gratitude. These folks don't just have an attitude of Gratitude. These people practice Gratitude every day.

Soak in this thought for a few minutes please before reading on...

This gleaning from years of research is something I know and we help people to understand though our actions and business. Thanks Brene for the affirmation! It is true. Here could be a day in anyone's life:

  • Wake up grumpy. Choose gratitude. Stretch and be grateful for the muscles and breath.
  • Nothing quick for breakfast? Choose gratitude. Grab leftovers. Eat an apple. It does not have to be perfect or traditional breakfast foods. Be grateful for any nourishment (and make a grocery list).
  • Off to work and traffic slows you down. Choose gratitude. Start imagining a great day at work. Take this time to pray or dream up good things. Sing. Do anything to be calm.
  • Work goes OK. It's not a dream job though. Choose gratitude. It pays your bills. It provides you an opportunity for experience for the next job.
  • On your way home you see you need gas. Choose gratitude. The gas staion is right next to the grocery store. Two birds, one stone.

You get the idea. Choose gratitude. It is calming. It prepares you to look for the good so when BIG things happen, like a car wreck, a death, a real dissappointment is presented, you are already be trained to overcome!

Joy is from within. It can be present even in the dark. Happiness is not a constant. Look for happiness. Pursue it relentlessly. Find it in the shadows if you can see it plainly. Don't look for the worst because that is not a soft place to live.

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