Spiritual Renewal through Gratitude 1

So the next 39 days, I will be thinking about how to live a better life. I invite you to be conscious and share in this journey with me.

Each day, I am slowing down and taking time to see how I can be more at peace, more happy and more of service. I am doing what seems to be a new buzzword, "Radical Self Care". Today I am exploring ANGER. When I start to feel angry, I am stopping (usually) and asking what is behind the anger. I know this emotion is healthy, but what scares me most if how I deal or express it sometimes when very stressed.

Do you have some emotions that push you to an embarassing place? Do you feel shame from your temper outbursts. I do sometimes. I am never violent, thanks goodness. I seem to overreact to things when I feel fear. Fear of others judging me or actual physical harm to me or my family. So, I yell, cry or leave the room. Sounds a bit like a 2 year old. Hmmm...

However, I am getting better each day and each week at catching myself or preventing the situations that get me going. One big thing is to make sure and genuinely apologize to my hubby or daughter if I get too angry. Sometimes I hear myself getting louder as frustration builds. When I do and I can respond in a healthy way, I might step back, take a deep breath or just stop everything to regroup my thoughts.This allows me to express what my needs are internally and assess if I am being reasonable in expecting someone else to MEET MY NEED. Many times, I need to meet my own need, and it is a deeper one than the current event.

I have been contemplating all of this. It feels wrong to yell. It feels wrong when I overreact. I am grateful that I am aware and able to sort things out to make them better. When I can respond to my buttons being pushed, I feel better. I feel angry still, but more in control, more calm, more able to alleviate or fix whatever is not quite going my way.

Pray for me to continue being aware and creating peace in my family life. I will be praying for you too. May this next 39 days be a space to explore your Body, Mind and Spirit connection. Share if you want on our FB page or here.

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