The Beatles & Jesus were right!

The other day a friend and I were discussing some self help books. Brene Brown, Louise Hay and Byron Katy. I love this work, but made an observation that really, if we did what Jesus asked, "Love one another" or what the Beatles sang, "All you need is love" that we would not need all this teaching. We make things so complicated.

If we loved our God, we would want to please, obey and learn from His wonder.

If we loved ourselves, we would make good choices that benefit our bodies, minds and souls. We would forgive ourselves for being human and making mistakes.

If we loved others, we would see that they are also children of God. We are all made good. We all mess up. We all deserve love.

Sounds easy. Then why do I complicate this with laziness, judgments, ice cream, and fear. Because I am human. Each day I learn more about love, God, myself and others. It is exciting. Each day I do my very best to be love, give love and receive love. When I focus on that, life is easier, happier and healthier.

Cheers to simplicity. Pray I stay focused and grateful for everything in life.

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