VIC Shoppers Club Membership

Anyone who shops with us and signs up for the Newsletter is an honorary Grateful Chic. Now, we offer even more perks...VIC is a "Very Important Chic". We have lots of repeat customers who buy for every Holiday, purse and friend. Plus, those that love our new designs in jewelry, cell phone charms, T-Shirts and Journals. So, are you a member? Are you a little addicted to Gratitude? Then, you might qualify for our VIC membership!

Once you reach $250 or more you automatically receive a 10% discount on every purchase from now on. We will mail you a member card with a special code to use when shopping online. If you shop in person, no need for the card, we will recognize you for sure!

Plus, we will send out special perks like free stuff, surveys and new product notifications 1st before anyone else. We value YOU and now we have found a way to show you beyond a simple "Thanks!" Enjoy and call us today if you don't have your card or have any questions. Joy Stevens,, 713-249-3697.